WinLAMP 4.0.0 installer

WinLAMP Yes, it is true there are now about a dozen LAMP installers out there; each one has slight variations on what and how it installs.

Back in the early days, before there were lots of installers, we built an NSIS installer to make our installations easier, and decided to make it available here for you to download. From time to time we upgrade it. It is available as is: no warranties implied. It works on Win2K and above. It will not work on Windows 9x. The installer's license is the same as the Apache license. (Here is the WinLAMP license).

If you have questions or comments, please visit the WinLAMP forums.

WinLAMP 4.0.0 installs Apache 2.0.58, PHP 5.1.4, and MySQL 5.0.22.

Two flavors: Full-size and Mini

If you simply need to install Apache and PHP, download the Mini version of WinLAMP. It is an 11MB file. It installs Apache 2.0.58 and PHP 5.14, and nothing else.

If, however, you want the classic Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and GUI options as described below, download the full version. It is 60MB, and includes documentation options.

Easily managed from Start Menu

WinLAMP in your Start Menu WinLAMP installs the most commonly used options into your Start Menu, so you can start and stop your services easily, or quickly edit your Apache, PHP, and MySQL configuration files in notepad.

Install Apache & MySQL as Services

WinLAMP installs both Apache and MySQL as services running quietly in the background. Use the Start Menu options (see image above) to control these services.

Installs Apache & MySQL as services


This installer uses version 2.0.58. It prefers to be installed in a directory named Apache2. WinLAMP prefers to install this in your root directory: C:/Apache2, but you can put it anywhere.

Visit for more information on Apache.


This installer uses version 5.0.22. Back in the old days, WinLAMP installed and configured MySQL for you, but MySQL has finally created their own installer.

So WinLAMP simply automatically starts the MySQL installer during its installation. It also loads a browser window with tips on MySQL installation.

Visit for more information on MySQL.


This installer uses version 5.1.4 of PHP; it is installed as an Apache module.

Visit for more information on PHP.


This installer uses version 5.8 of Perl from Active State. It does not install Perl, only the Perl installer: it drops the installer onto your desktop, and allows you to go from there. You need to have the latest Service Pack on your system to install it.

Visit or for more information on Perl.


This installer (optionally) drops the latest installer for this graphical interface to MySQL onto your desktop.

Visit for SQLyog information.

There are plenty of other GUIs available:


This installer uses version 2.8.1 of phpMyAdmin, installed one level above your htdocs directory for security. This may be all you need to navigate through MySQL, so that is why WinLAMP installs it by default.

Visit for more information on phpMyAdmin.


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